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National Police Week 2021-POSTPONED

Questions you may have: Will officers who were to be honored in May of 2020 and 2021 be honored at National Police Weekend in October? Those officers who would have been honored in May of 2020 and 2021 will be honored in October. I already registered for National Police Week for May 2021. Do I need to re-register for the National Police Weekend in October? Yes, because of the schedule change everyone will need to re-register for National Police Weekend in October. Your previous registration may have included family members who cannot go, or you may have added family members who can now attend. Also, C.O.P.S. will need to know your travel plans, arrival and departure day, and which events you plan to attend. When will registration for National Police Weekend in October open? The C.O.P.S. staff is working hard to open the new registration by April 5th. An announcement will be made when registration is open. Check the C.O.P.S. website of for further information. Do I need to cancel my hotel if I registered through C.O.P.S.? No, the information you provided to C.O.P.S. has not been released and no credit cards have been charged. What if I can’t cancel my flight? Check with your airline to reschedule for October, determine if they offer travel vouchers or if they can explain their refund policy. What if I have already paid my returning survivor fee? All returning survivor fees will be refunded. What if I purchased Blue Honor Gala Tickets? All Blue Honor Gala Tickets will be refunded. At the time of this release, it has not been determined if the Gala will be held during the National Police Weekend in October 2021 or if the next Gala will be in May of 2022. An announcement will be made soon! If you are feeling overwhelmed by the postponement of National Police Week and need to talk to someone, please call our office!

Concerns of Police Survivors (573) 346-4911


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