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  • The MI-C.O.P.S. board and survivors are present at visitations, funerals and memorial services for fallen officers. They are also present for trial and parole support.

  • Monthly survivor support meetings are held in several locations around the state. A strong network of survivors exists which provides peer support and assistance. No one is ever forced to travel this journey of grief alone.

  • An annual Christmas banquet is held for survivors every December in Lansing. Annual picnics are held in several locations around the state and other events take place throughout the year. These gatherings give survivors an opportunity to be together for support as well as fun.

  • A state memorial service at the Capitol is held each year in May to honor not only those Michigan peace officers killed in the line of duty, but to honor all men and women who protect and serve.

  • Project Blue Ribbon and Project Blue Light are promoted to memorialize officers and make the public aware of law enforcement.


  • Quarterly newsletters focus on the special needs of survivors, events that are taking place, and any other important information about the organization and its members.

  • MI-C.O.P.S. funds the transportation for survivors to attend C.O.P.S. annual retreats held for parents, spouses, siblings, children and extended family members of fallen officers. MI-C.O.P.S. offers a stipend to assist with travel for co-workers and extended family.

  • Training is provided to law enforcement agencies on proper line-of-duty death notifications and procedures, support services available to families and co-workers of line-of duty deaths, and information is provided regarding death benefits that may be available to survivors.

  • MI-C.O.P.S. works for legislation to be passed in the state of Michigan that benefits survivors, such as tuition waiver, the Remarriage Act, and the State Death Benefit.

  • Referral lists of financial advisors and professional counseling for both adults and children are available.


National C.O.P.S. is dedicated to helping the families and co-workers of America’s fallen law enforcement officers rebuild their lives. C.O.P.S. offers hands-on programs every year at no cost to survivors, giving each family member and co-worker an opportunity to be surrounded by other survivors just like themselves. Furthermore, MI-C.O.P.S. funds the traveling expenses for Michigan survivors and offers a stipend to assist with travel for co-workers and extended family members. The hands-on programs are:

  • C.O.P.S. Kids Camp (ages 6–14)

  • Outward Bound Adventure (ages 15–20)  or Young Adults Camp

  • Adult Childrens’ Retreat

  • Spouses Retreat

  • Parents’ Retreat

  • Siblings’ Retreat

  • Extended Family Retreat

  • Co-workers’ Retreat

National C.O.P.S.


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