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Command Class #494 Pays if Forward

Thank you so much Northwestern School for Police Staff and Command Class #494! Our President, Andrea Arrington, was presented with a check for $3,180.00 by class President Sergeant Mike Villerot of the Troy Police Department and VP Lieutenant Keith Spencer of the Royal Oak Police Department. As part of the class, they raise money and donate back to the community. This class decided to donate to MI-C.O.P.S. and we are so grateful! This class was made up of Sergeants, Lieutenants and Deputy Chiefs from across southeast Michigan.

We would like to congratulate Sgt. Villerot on winning a PRESTIGIOUS LEADERSHIP AWARD: the Franklin M. Kreml Leadership Award from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety. The award was established in 1984 by Kreml, the Center’s founder, to “recognize and encourage the high ethical and professional values and dedication to public service upon which the Center for Public Safety was founded.”

Sergeant Villerot was selected for the award by his classmates in the Center for Public Safety’s ten-week School of Police Staff and Command, a demanding management program designed to provide police officers with high-quality training while accommodating their time and financial constraints. He was also elected to the position of Class President during the semester-long training.

Congratulations Sergeant Villerot! And thank you class #494 for your generous donation to MI-C.O.P.S.!!!


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